Worry, Worry, Worry …

Since my meltdown a few years ago, after I realized my mother is a full-blown narcissist and she has been draining me for years and that some of the people in my life were narcissists too, I have been worrying and thinking obsessively about abuse and how to protect myself. Some worry is normal but for me, it has been unending.

Trying to find a therapist that can deal with children of narcissistic mothers is way harder than I ever imagined. Many therapists don’t believe in narcissistic¬†mothers or think that we should just leave the past behind and focus on the present. Also, they don’t tell you this upfront. They believe they can heal you by getting you to forgive your parents and take them back.

Today something shifted in me and I said there is no point in worrying. The key has been having a great therapist that is familiar with narcissism and sociopaths and can help me not the “cheap” therapist that only tell you to breathe or stay with your feelings.¬† Now, I can give worrying a break.

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